Chef’s Profile

Chef Guillaume

Guillaume Comparat
Executive Chef – Intercontinental Hotel – Qingdao, China

Guillaume Comparat’s passion for cooking was sparked during his childhood in Lyon, France, when he would help in the kitchen by preparing fresh ingredients alongside his family at mealtime. His interest in food continued throughout childhood and school. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree, Guillaume obtained his Master of Culinary Art from the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon.

He then apprenticed with Jean Paul Lacombe at Leon de Lyon and Jacotte Brazier at La Mere Brazier. Two years later, he joined Alain Ducasse at Spoon and then Jean Georges at The Market in Paris. These rich opportunities enabled him to take the next step in his career. At the age of 24, he was appointed chef of The Lounge, a new restaurant at the boutique hotel La Reine Astrid in Lyon.

Guillaume’s China journey began two years later when he joined the Pourcel brothers at Sens & Bund in Shanghai, which marked the start of his new career overseas as well as his passion for Chinese food and culture.

Following this was a position with the JW Marriott in Beijing, where he served on the grand opening team and also created a brand-new French brasserie in time for the 2008 Olympic Games. He concluded this successful chapter of his career by opening Domus, a trendy restaurant located in an old hutong on the wall of the Forbidden City.

After four years in Greater China, Guillaume was recruited to Morocco for Ksar Char Bagh, where he was tasked with reinventing Moroccan food with a French twist. Still drawn to China, he seized the opportunity to help open the spectacular new integrated destination resort Galaxy Macau, which with 50-plus food and beverage outlets is the leading culinary destination in Macau. He proudly served as Executive Chef of International Kitchens at Galaxy Macau.

Now Guillaume is back in China. After developing the most exquisite restaurant in the 51st floor of the tower of Crowne Plaza in Xi’an, he is now the new Executive Chef for Intercontinental – Qingdao, China. Guillaume decided to continue his journey in  the IHG group, to promote  food excellency and share again his passion for culinary art to new amazing team .

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